Hi, there. I’m Adrienne. I’m a compulsive list-maker with a very busy family and a not very clean house. I am a planner (an idealist organizer, if you must know) and a recovering perfectionist. I talk a lot. Even to myself. I’m still learning to use my camera. I love paper stores, the beach, kids’ room design, roasted cauliflower, a good run, the first snow, Roman pizza, Rome in general, space planning, dinner with the whole family, lots of color, finishing a project, Christmas, almost any kind of bread, people watching, traveling to new places (or anywhere, really), and dancing in the kitchen. I don’t love red interiors or planning meals.

I started this blog as a way to corral my cooking successes and failures. I also intended it as a place to keep myself organized in the kitchen by forcing myself to meal plan and to provide that amazing meal plan to you, lovely reader. Turns out, meal planning is still boring. It also turns out that I have a lot to say on subjects other than meal planning.

So here we are. Sometimes we will talk meal planning and sometimes we will talk recipes. Sometimes we will talk kids or books or crafts or paper or any of those things above that are part of my personal Julie Andrews song (and yes, I have that many kids). Sometimes I’ll just talk. It would be really great if you answered. I love conversations. Want to start one? Email me at susiemakessupper@gmail.com. Can’t wait to get to know you.