off the menu: brown butter

Why did I not know about brown butter? I mean, I'm sure I knew something about it somewhere in the depths of my memory, but not like this. Thank you, Joy the Baker, for expanding my horizons. 

Last weekend, we made Joy’s brown butter baked donuts. Instead of using a baking pan, we used a mini-donut waffle iron thing. I have no idea why we have this gadget, but now it will be used.

donuts 4x4.JPG

We also used the extra chocolate glaze with animal crackers for dessert. Give the glaze a little zap in the microwave and serve with some sprinkles on the side for fun dessert.

102113 chocolate coma (7).JPG

Maybe have some wipes nearby.  

This week, we tried Joy’s pumpkin pecan scones with brown butter glaze. Holy moly. Awesome. Not a leftover in the house. 


Soft, not too sweet, lovely nut crunch. And the brown butter glaze? Yum.You should make these. Tomorrow morning, get yourself up and make these. They are that good. 

I am trying to think of an excuse to make more brown butter treats. Christmas is coming...