christmas cards

I got my Christmas cards last week from Minted and was so excited. I mean look how cute they are…


What’s that? You counted the kids and the names and they don’t add up? You want to know who could possibly have left one of their kids’ names off of the Christmas card? Right.


So fast forward to these handy-dandy labels that I happened to have in my craft shed (that’s right, craft shed – more on that later). I had all these ideas of how to fix the cards but in the end, time won out over beauty. I must not be a real blogger. Anyway, I printed some labels and slapped them on. After I cut the faulty family list off of all 70 Christmas cards. You know, I like to take the longest route possible. None of this easy does it, get your cards out business.  

And I don't want to hear about how the fonts don't match and the feet are cut off. There's always next year.