off the menu: short-order cook

We were going to have pasta e ceci soup last night. I’ve been wanting to try to make this soup since I had an amazing bowl of soup in Rome three years (!) ago. But it was not to be. Before I set foot in the kitchen tonight, my almost four-year-old daughter (while lying on the sofa looking pathetic and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) said, “I will have oatmeal with bananas for dinner. With sprinkles. Red sprinkles.” It is very difficult to argue with that. Especially when we are on week two (or maybe three – I’ve lost track) of stomach flu in our house. Really? They can send people to the moon but can’t make stomach flu any easier?

The culinary wonder’s twin brother chose ramen for dinner. As in sodium in a bowl. And do you know what? I am tired. I let him have ramen. And I let her have oatmeal. And they were happy. For dessert, they had toast. Mother of the year, I tell you. 2014 is shaping up to be my winning year.