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Looking for a dinner review today? Yep, not going to happen. Started the soup at 3:30 and realized by 5:30 that we were at least two hours from done. Take out.

Instead of a recipe review, let’s talk a little more about Instagram. I was talking to someone yesterday about Instagram and her impression was that Instagram is a place where people post pictures of themselves. She said she didn't get the attraction. I totally agree. I don’t follow any of those people. I do follow people that take pictures of their kids and their food and their coffee (at an alarming rate, I might add, and I'm still trying to understand why). Sometimes these pictures are just beautiful and sometimes not so much. But in between the kids and the coffee is the awesome.

This week, I found more of the usual: cool food, cool quotes, and interesting people. Can we talk for just a minute about decorating cakes? First, came the amazing 80’s cake toppers.

Roller skate sugar cupcake toppers?  I think yes! Of course, I had to go check out what was new on Sweet Estelle’s website. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Check. I had this very set on my 5th birthday cake. How about Wonder Woman ring cupcake toppers? It just so happens that the little twins have decided on a superhero theme for their 4th birthday. I think we might need Wonder Woman ring cupcake toppers.

Moving on to other cooking items, how good do these brown butter rice krispie treats look? Or this tagine (ok, this is an older post, but I just saw it this week)? If you've been following along here, you know that one of my goals is to conquer (rather than burn) a tagine. Then there is always this pasta dish with Brussels sprouts? I haven’t checked out the feedfeed app yet, but the Instagram feed this past week has been nothing short of amazing. People sharing their food inspiration, all curated by someone with a clean visual aesthetic. I’m following. I want to see where this goes.

And while we are talking about beautiful food photos, I should mention that my spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine came this week. I have gushed about Sweet Paul before and will do it again. Shaved asparagus salad?

Beautiful. Spring. Oh, and in related, non-Instagram news, I found this little gem on Pinterest about how to shave asparagus. My last attempt at shaving asparagus was pathetic at best (but the salad was awesome). Now that I have a visual tool, we will for sure be making this salad. 

Changing directions, I absolutely loved this idea via MJ of Pars Caeli.

I inadvertently participated also by cleaning out the younger kids’ books. I think I might make it a habit. Giving by giving up? What an outstanding idea.

In the slightly random category, I would be remiss not to mention one of my Instagram favorites, Humans of New York. Have you seen the blog? I get my daily dose via Instagram. These are my two personal favorites this week.

Chicken is always steady.

Finally, the quotes of the week.

Images via (clockwise from top left):  Design Crush ,  Dear Lizzy ,  Design Crush , and  Design Crush

Images via (clockwise from top left): Design Crush, Dear Lizzy, Design Crush, and Design Crush

Am I missing anyone? Who are your favorites on Instagram?