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I think I have a problem. Maybe several. But let's only get into the simple ones here. The first problem is that I spend too much time on Instagram. The second is that I can’t pin things from Instagram. Is there an app for that? Someone please tell me what it is. For now, my totally inefficient solution is the screen shot. This means I end up with a bunch of screen shots every week that I put into a folder on my hard drive for later and then forget about. Very effective.

I’ve decided to start clearing my folder out and you get to see what I think is cool on Instagram. Sound good? Excellent. Let’s get started.

First up, this excellent printable dollhouse from Caravan Shoppe.  

Are you kidding me? How cool is this thing? This fits squarely within my paper-junkie tendency, obsession with small things, and need to be able to put stuff away. I want one.  I mean Théa wants one. I love how Melanie of the Crafty Cupboard set it out in one full swoop and plugged in her daughter’s Frozen dolls. We have Frozen dolls that most certainly need this house. They can share it with Cinderella and Ariel. Birthday gift? I think yes.

While we are on the subject of dollhouses, can I get a round of applause for The Handmade Home on this one?

This dollhouse knocks it out of the park. You know, for reasons I can’t explain, I sort of have a thing about dollhouses dating back to about the age of six. Never really got over it. My husband might even say we live in one now. And I keep thinking that one day, we will have room in our teeny, tiny house for Théa to have a dollhouse. Mostly this would be for me because I want to decorate it. Seeing as this is only slightly less expensive than decorating a real house, I should probably give it up. Until then, there’s always Pinterest

Of course dollhouses are not all Ashely has posted in the last month that tempted me to screen shot. How about these?

The Magic Kingdom and rugs? People, just check out The Handmade Home. It’s one of my favorite blogs right now (you should also check out Camp Patton while you are looking for good family humor. Here’s my personal favorite post. Ok, or maybe this one.) You might also check out Ashley on Pinterest, where I follow her funny stuff board. This woman has style, DIY ability, and a sense of humor. Slight girl crush going on right now.

Moving to the kitchen, I really want to make this and this. What do you think the odds are?

And finally, some quotes of the last week. See a theme?

Sources, clockwise from top left:  @melissacreates ,  @designcrush ,  @ckelso , and  @the_handmade_home

Sources, clockwise from top left: @melissacreates, @designcrush, @ckelso, and @the_handmade_home