let's talk about semantics

Have you noticed that the titles on this page have changed? Yep. You are so good at noticing the details. I love that about you.

Here’s the deal. You know that I’m trying to change up this blog a bit. We’ve talked about the lack of menu plans and the word of the year. Well, there you have it. I’m exploring change.

The reality is that the review section of this blog is what it’s all about. I have a lot of opinions. And a review is really just an opinion. My opinion, of course. I’m still waiting for you readers to get in the game and give me some lip in the comment section. Let’s hear it. I’m ready. No? Ok, well until you get up the nerve to actually post something down below, it is still going to just be my opinion. But instead of calling this page “reviews” we are going to call it a discussion. We are going to pretend that it is a discussion because that is the goal after all. So let’s talk about stuff. I’m getting a little tired of talking to myself. If you could just help out a bit and speak up, that would be great. Are you with me? Thanks.