football at home

This post is sponsored by Wayfair, who asked what it might look like to tailgate from the comfort of your very own sofa. As someone who always tailgates from the comfort of my sofa, this question was not a stretch. All opinions are (as always) my own. 

Fall in the south is a funny thing, especially for those of us who are accustomed to defining fall as that season in which we wear all the sweaters. Unless you have really good air conditioning and no plans to go outside EVER, sweater weather is not the definition of fall here in Texas. Football is the definition of fall.

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let’s talk about stitch fix (round 5)

It’s that time again. Time to talk fashion. In my case, lack thereof might be more appropriate, but cut me some slack. I’m working on it.

This month, I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend at Stitch Fix, Zahra. Zahra actually took the time to check out my closet Pin board and my feedback on prior fixes. Wait, what? Who doesn’t absolutely love a listener? Exactly. Zahra also let me know that I can request a particular stylist in the future. You’re the one, my friend.

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