the review: veggie curry

This curry is spicy. If you have little people running around, I’m not sure I would recommend it. But if you are adventurous, go for it. It is super tasty.

My adventure started at 5:15. We’ve talked a little about reading the recipe. This includes checking your pantry items that you ordinarily have to make sure that you have enough of them to make the recipe. Like spices. When you are making curry, it helps to have enough curry powder. Are you getting the sense that I am an amateur? I am really just telling you this to make you all feel better. Life in the kitchen is chaotic. We can’t all be Martha.

101713 curry cooking_1.jpg

Anyway, thanks to a neighbor, I soldiered on with my curry and by 6:45 it was on the table. I don’t know where the time goes. I could have sworn this recipe took no time at all. Perhaps you shouldn’t try to take pictures while you are cooking. I will say though that knowing I am going to have to write about what I am cooking is making me take more time with the actual recipe (if not in advance for shopping, definitely while I am cooking). The food is getting better with my increased attention.

101713 curry finished.JPG

Any recipe that recommends a food processer for cutting is awesome. And I was able to do dishes while each round was simmering so had a clean kitchen before I served. Word of advice. If you don’t like spicy or if you have young kids, reduce the chile. I used one whole pepper, without seeds, but the cauliflower was still too spicy for the kids to eat. They did like the sweet potato that I substituted for regular potato, and Gus chowed the garbanzo beans. End the end, the kids ate rice and salami. Dinner of champions. But I really enjoyed the curry. And I have a lot left over for lunch.