the review: buffalo chicken sandwiches and twice-baked potatoes

This is an often requested stand-by in my house. I don’t remember where I picked up Rachel Ray’s kid cookbook (or why), but it has been well worth it. This is not gourmet food, but everything we have tried in this book is definitely flavorful and still kid-friendly.


I usually double both the chicken recipe and the potatoes so that each person gets a half of a potato (feeding 8, you know). To make the chicken go further, I season it and brown it whole, then slice it and return it to the stove to finish cooking before putting it into the butter/hot sauce mixture. Four chicken breasts will easily feed eight people this way. For the little kids, I leave some seasoned chicken out of the sauce mixture and skip the bun.

If you are doubling the recipe, there is no need to double the sauce or the sour cream in the potatoes (unless you really like sour cream). You will have plenty with a single recipe (and the twice baked potatoes are creamy enough without double the sour cream). We’ve always served this with carrots and celery for dipping, but now that we have three kids with braces, we went with steamed broccoli. Simple prep, simple meal. Surprisingly popular with the kids.