the review: Sunday dinner

Yep. It’s true. Hot dog and kraft mac & cheese. For real.


After three days of eating out and hotel and hockey rink, this is all I could come up with for dinner on Sunday night. So sad. You would think I would have been aching to get my kids some of the nutrients that they so clearly were missing after eating pizza three days in a row. Nope. There’s always tomorrow!

On the positive front, I did a LOT of shopping over the weekend. We also made our first visit to Santa. No photos, just a little chat. This went fairly well for at least one of the kids. Santa promised to bring Gus a race track. Santa specifically told Gus that he would bring a green car so that Gus could test Santa’s theory that green cars are fastest and Gus could report back to Santa next year. Santa wasn’t concerned with the fact that the elves might have already made Gus’s toys and a race track and green car were not among them. An elf’s work is never done.

P.S. The weekend food find was a fantastic Cobb salad at the Bitterroot Ale House. If you are in Boise and have a need for a salad, give it a try.


Sorry for the cell phone photo!