The review: Meatloaf Patties with Smashed Potatoes

Where I come from, this is called a hamburger steak. This one looks a little burnt, but it isn't, I promise. Meatloaf is baked. This is ground meat (grind meat as my grandmother used to call it) cooked on a stove top. It’s a hamburger with no bun.


I’m not going to get all detailed about how these are prepared because I honestly think you can do better with some chopped onion, Lea & Perrins, and Tony Chachere. Maybe if I had made the gravy it would have been better, but I'm not a gravy person and my husband wasn't home. I opted for (gasp!) canned peas instead of salad because I had them and was frankly too lazy to make a salad. The kids actually loved the peas. Go figure. Better luck tonight!