the review: chow mein with pork

Sriracha saved the day.


This recipe was boring. I added shrimp (for our budding vegetarian) and broccoli (because I don’t like mushrooms). Truth? There just wasn’t enough flavor. But get yourself some Sriracha. Excellent addition to the meal.  


In terms of simplicity, this was your basic stir-fry. I didn’t see the need to follow the steps like I would with a stir-fry from Cook’s Illustrated. So maybe that was the problem (although there were only two steps I think). But when I went back through the ingredients, really the only things with flavor were the garlic and ginger. As my son said tonight, hot sauce fixes anything. In this case, I think he might be right.

P.S. If you are wondering why we are off-schedule (other than the little Sunday night delay), that would be because we really didn’t have as much leftover pork as I thought, and we were down two kids tonight (overnight at grandparents), both of which made it the perfect night for leftovers. Stay tuned for Minestrone on Wednesday.