Easy Coconut Cake

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I’ve mentioned before that there are some amazing cooks in my family. If I could just go live with one of my aunts and have them cook dinner every day, I would totally do it. I’d even do dishes. Just look at what my Aunt Anne made for Thanksgiving.

112813 anne dinner.JPG

Vegetable pot pie in puff pastry, roasted green beans and grape tomatoes, potato cakes, and tangerine cranberry sauce. Did I mention that her family is vegan? Seriously, people. My Thanksgiving spread did not look this good and it included fried turkey and Brussels sprouts with bacon.

Anyway, Aunt Anne is also a baker. Some people get all the skills. Since it is now the time for Christmas baking, I’m going to share her easy recipe for coconut cake with you. According to Anne, this isn’t so much a recipe as a tradition. This coconut cake is common across Southern Louisiana. So are recipes with garlic cheese roll, but don’t let that stop you from making this coconut cake. Make it for your neighbor. Or your teachers. Or hide in the closet and eat the whole thing. Whatever. It’s all good.

Get yourself to the grocery store and buy a box of white Duncan Hines cake mix. Also pick up a can of evaporated milk and some butter. Now do your best to find two cans of Ancel coconut.


Difficult, right? You can get a case here. Or you can just try to call Rouse’s and see if they will send you some.

Once you find your Ancel, bake your white cake as directed on the box. Poke holes in both layers.


Anne says she takes a spoon and smashes the cake. Go with the big craters. Heat two cans of Ansel with ¾ can of evaporated milk and about a quarter stick of butter. Bring it to a low boil on medium heat. Add a splash of vanilla. Now spoon half of it onto the bottom layer of the cake. Add the top layer and spoon the rest over the top layer.


Put that baby in the fridge for 24 hours. Eat up!


How easy was that?