The review: New Year’s Dinner

I need a new system. I keep saying this or that recipe was so simple. Really, do I cook anything complicated (ok, except the Christmas gnocchi, but I’ll get to that later)? Not so much. Maybe a sliding scale of easy? I’ll work on that.


Until then, let me say that 2014 started with a delicious and simple dinner that took absolutely no time at all.  At least no working time. It may be because I live at high altitude, but dried peas and beans always seem to take longer than expected at my house. So start your peas early. And make this pork loin on a weeknight. It is that easy. Start to finish in 45 minutes. Pork, salt, pepper, olive oil, apricot jam, and mustard. That’s it. Make it. And the cabbage salad? That was a winner. Ingredients that are already in your pantry. Crispy, tart (lime), and spicy (cumin and cayenne). I wish I could give you the link, but you really do need to go out and get the Cook's Illustrated Cookbook

Happy New Year, everyone. Let’s get cooking.