the menu: week of october 19

Do you ever start the week off with absolutely no idea what’s ahead? That’s totally where I am this week. On the one hand, this makes me feel insanely disorganized. On the other hand, when was the last time the week actually worked out as planned? So maybe that means I am totally prepared.

Anyway, here’s what’s on the menu for the week.

Monday. Tortellini, White Bean, and Spinach Soup 

Tuesday. Jambalaya 

Wednesday. Fried Cod (The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook, page 440) and Red Beans (Yes, I know it isn’t Monday.)

Thursday. Salmon with Jalapeno, Coconut, and Cilantro with Brown Rice and Mixed Veggies

Friday. Arugula Walnut Pesto with Pasta and Grilled Chicken

Oh, and guess what? It’s been one year of meal plans as of last Thursday. What do you think? Should I keep going or find a new hobby?