the menu: week of december 14

I’m beginning to think that it’s time to invest in a quality crock pot cookbook the way the schedule is going lately. Any suggestions? Honestly. Extra-curriculars every single day over the last few weeks. This week is no exception. We’ve had to move some things in the advent schedule around to accommodate for sports, etc. Oh! and because I am a crazy person (direct quote from my neighbor), we are having a party on Friday afternoon. Two parties, actually. The first is a gingerbread house decorating party for the little twins’ classmates. We are expecting at least eight kids, possibly 10. Because the house is already going to be a mess after that extravaganza, we figured we might as well invite the parents to stay for cocktails and snacks. And of course we added a few extra invites here and there for good measure.

I’ll be in the kitchen baking gingerbread this week if anyone needs me. Sorry for the lame dinner plans.

Monday. Taco (and basketball) night (again)

Tuesday. Stir-fry (and Christmas lights night)

Wednesday. Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Brussels Sprouts

Thursday. Fried Fish and Red Beans 

Friday. Mini Croque-Monsiers, French Bread Pizza (with pesto, fennel, chicken sausage, and roasted squash), Artichoke-Spinach Dip, Assorted Salumi and Fruits, Roasted Garlic Green Hummus and Veggies