the review: patty melts

Non-stick skillet. Seriously. The directions for Patty Melts say to use a non-stick skillet. Why did I skip this instruction? Did I really think there was enough butter in the world to NOT have my patty melts stick to my regular old pan?

Total fail. The bread and the cheese stuck, resulting in a caked on mess in the pan. But did I learn my lesson? Of course not. I got out more bread, buttered it up, and tried again. Same probelm. Third time's the charm, right? We did have one small non-stick skillet. 

Oh, look! Much better.

Despite my utter fail at the last step of this recipe, the recipe was great. Simple and flavorful, with even the kids finishing their patty melts. Don't be daunted by the number of steps that the recipe appears to have. All you need to do is sauté your onions, sauté your mushrooms, cook your patties, then put the whole thing together. We served this with roasted cauliflower because my kids did not want sweet potato fries. They both also separated the bread from the patty but still ate both. Weird, I know, but at least they ate.