let’s talk about stitch fix (round 5)

It’s that time again. Time to talk fashion. In my case, lack thereof might be more appropriate, but cut me some slack. I’m working on it.

This month, I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend at Stitch Fix, Zahra. Zahra actually took the time to check out my closet Pin board and my feedback on prior fixes. Wait, what? Who doesn’t absolutely love a listener? Exactly. Zahra also let me know that I can request a particular stylist in the future. You’re the one, my friend.

Zahra set me up with a tank, a knit skirt, a pair of jeans (I totally just heard you hold your breath), a longish sleeve top, and a dress. Are you ready for this? Get excited, because this time, I’m actually going to model my fix for you. I can’t believe I am actually doing this. For the record, these photos were all taken in the girls' room because it is the only room in the house with a full length mirror. Also, for the record, I did clean the mirror for the girls half-way through these photos. Sorry about the other half. 

First up, the Calypso racerback tank. Winner. Great color, comfy fit, and it came on an 80° day. What’s not to like?

I definitely kept this one.

Let’s take care of the jeans next. These were much closer to on point. It took my husband a full 3 minutes of looking at them on to decide they were not quite right. That’s progress. Still, they were not quite right in the fit department. I’m pretty sure I’m just a difficult fit for jeans. Or picky. I don’t know.

Look at that clean mirror. Geesh. 

Look at that clean mirror. Geesh. 

The skirt, top, and dress were all tough choices for me. I did not like the top at all in the box, but found that it was a flattering color and fit once I had it on.

It was very thick, and like I said, it was 80° when I tried everything on. I may have kept this one if I had received it in March or April when I had requested things for mountain spring, but was much more inclined to go with tanks and lighter weight shirts at the moment I finally tried this on. Back it went.

The dress posed a similar problem. Weighty fabric, and I wasn’t quite sure that I loved it on. But I do like stripes. And fall will be here eventually. Kept it.

Finally, the skirt. This was the toughest call for me because on the one hand, it was cute and comfortable. On the other hand, I have two navy knit skirts already and am hard pressed to find tops that look good with either of them. The styling shots that Zahra sent for the skirt would not have been flattering on my body type. A for effort. The skirt had to go back. Remember, my 2015 motto is keep only the things you love. Tough choice.

All the way around, I was really pleased with this fix. It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough to help me decide to stick with Stitch Fix for another month. Looking forward to next month’s shipment, Zahra!