We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will admit that I was not looking forward to it. I don't do well with crowds (despite my love of Disney World) and I get a bit anxious planning food for an army. Let me just say it was truly the best Thanksgiving. 

112813 turkey trot (2).JPG

I am so grateful to my parents, my in-laws, and my brothers and sisters-in-law who were able to travel to the middle of nowhere to share the holiday with us. It was my first Thanksgiving with both my mom and dad at the table in thirty something years. I am so lucky to have an amazing step-mom and amazing brothers who handle mixed family dynamics with grace and a sense of humor. Laurie, you are truly a roll model for me. 

It was fantastic to see my husband and my dad carving the turkey while my brother, my husband's sister, and my step-daughter combined forces to finish several dishes at once. It was a full participation family meal from start to finish and I feel blessed to have such a huge, crazy family. And Mom? You are the best. 

Thank you all for being my family. 

P.S. to Palmer: Wish you could have been here with us. We sure missed you. Christmas?