it's like they don't even know you

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen these gems. I am going to break my double share rule here because these are just too much. 

Now these may not be funny to you because you and I just don’t know each other that well. Apparently, neither do my children. So let me just fill in the blanks to help you out.

I am exactly in the middle of 10 and 70. I’m not sure which I like to do least: clean dishes or watch hockey. No offense intended to my two hockey players – I love to watch you, of course. The best thing I cook very well may be noodles. That also may just be a four year old’s favorite food. My favorite food is most definitely not soup or hamburgers. I’m going to have to go with cacio e pepe. Or gumbo. Relaxing? What’s that? As for what I’m really good at? It’s all a matter of opinion. I’ll take those, despite having no idea what Gus means by “changing pictures.” One last bit of clarification. While I do “the most” (thank you so much, Théa, you are my favorite child), Gus’s dad is actually responsible for his star blanket. And Gus’s star blanket is his favorite thing in life. We’ll just repost that for Dad over Father’s Day, ok?