on distraction

guest room/nursery

I can't seem to stay on track lately. One minute, I'm planning dinner, the next minute, I'm sucked into Polyvore planning a nursery/guest bedroom for my cousin (who not only did not ask for my help but most certainly does not need my help).

Wait, you want me to cook dinner? What is wrong with me?

If you are having trouble staying focused or maybe just love to look at kids' bedrooms, the new Wayfair Housewarming Party post is up today with some excellent inspriation. Check out Lindsey's fun selection of rooms as she gets ready to decorate a big kid room for her son. 

Oh, and if you just happen to be working on a guest room combined with a baby girl nursery, you are in luck. You can head over to Polyvore to find out where I found the lovely items above.