one room challenge: shared girls' room (week 5)

New here? Welcome! You are joining in during week 5 of the 6 week bi-annual One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. I’m currently working on my daughters’ room, a shared bedroom for a six-year-old and an almost 18-year-old. That’s right, a first grader and a 12th grader. You can check out the first four weeks here, here, here, and here.   

One week remains of the One Room Challenge until reveal week and it is possible my to-do list is longer than when I started this challenge. What’s left?

1.     Sheets & duvet

2.     Curtains for T’s bed

3.     Hang T’s magnet strips

4.     Hang A’s bulletin board pieces & find a shelf

5.     Rug

6.     Paint dresser & replace nobs

7.     Clock for T

8.     Art wall next to "lego zone"

9.     Order A’s print

10.  Decals?

11.  T’s chair

12.  T “personal” bin cleared out

13.  A – photos, etc. for bulletin board

Overwhelmed yet? I am. And just so we are clear, the room currently looks like this:

Lego tornado.

Obviously, I have way too much to do to make this a long post, but I do want to talk walls for a minute. I’m still wanting to do something to break up the large white walls in the room. We will do this with art, for sure, and I mentioned last week that I’ve got Abby on the job there (although I admit that my heart is already set on a few things).

One thing that I’ve been thinking about to dress up the bed or perhaps the wall behind it are decals. Those who know me know that I have a slight problem with wallpaper. I want to paper all the things. (OH! and HUGE shout out to Schoolhouse Electric and Hygge & West because last week on Instagram, I won an amazing set of Justina Blakeney sheets and three rolls of whatever wallpaper I want. Picture me jumping up and down by myself and clapping in my office. For real. Total nerd.) Can we talk for just a minute about the Lovely Wall Company? First of all, the patterns are fantastic for a kids’ space (or the back of a bookshelf or a bathroom or a mud room or I want to wallpaper all the things). But the colors! Every decal or removable wall paper panel is available in a million colors.

Image via  Lovely Wall Company .

Maybe not quite a million but this is an amazing selection, right? I’m thinking about using this hand drawn dot pattern for the insides of my Kura bed… Kind of late to the game to be making a decision like this, I know, but it is pretty darn cool.

bed w dots

I also love this one and this one because I am contemplating using this fantastic moon light from Oh Joy! for Target (perhaps above Barbie's house?)

Abby is pretty set on this print from Urban Outfitters above her bed (but won’t ship until after 11/6!!), and we’ve found some hex shaped cork boards to put up next to her bed. I’m hoping to find a simple hex wall shelf to mix in. I also really like this print from Mod Cloth, despite the obvious cheese factor. We can all use a touch of cheese in our lives. Théa, I've mentioned before, is a prolific artist and has some work she'd like to hang on the wall herself. 

And we still need curtains, which my amazing mom has offered (or maybe I asked) to sew. This will only work if I get it together and get her some fabric. I found a fantastic hot pink linen blend in New Orleans on Tuesday (do yourself a favor and check out Promenade on St. Charles if you haven't). Also considering these pompom curtains or making something like these. So many choices. 

room 2

And I spotted this cute print at World Market this week. 

Thoughts? Feelings? Speak now because we are counting down to reveal day and it will be here before you know it. Meanwhile, please check out these amazing transformations going on in households around the country.