the review: pasta with garden tomato sauce and chicken sausage

I, for one, am about to check out of college football for the rest of the season. While I am glad that Stanford won on Thursday, I am not impressed with the results of last night’s LSU/Bama game. Can someone please (Auburn? Will it be you?) beat Alabama? People, don't bother with Roll Tide and Go Ducks comments. I'm entitled to my own football opinion. We can still be friends. Geaux Tigers. 


Moving on. One excellent thing about summer is the tomatoes. I know I have mentioned this before (I am, in fact, losing my mind and can’t keep track of what I say anymore. Anyone else experiencing this?), but when I have a lot of tomatoes in the garden, I throw them in the blender then set the puree on the stove for a couple eight hours to cook. Throw it in the freezer once cooled and you have yourself some tasty sauce. It is like eating summer in winter.  

Roast yourself a red pepper. Or keep it simple and just sauté it in a pan. Sauté a little sausage with your pepper This time, I used chicken sausage with sundried tomatoes, but any type of Italian style sausage will do, even vegan sausage works well with this. Throw your sausage and pepper into your sauce and when you are ready to eat, toss it with pasta. My son picked out whole-wheat shells for tonight’s meal. Any past a shape that takes up the sauce is perfect. Shave a little parmesan over the top and dinner is done. Delish.


Oh, and how about adding a kitchen sink salad? I love that.