off the menu: last minute hostess gifts

Hockey has officially started. Get some gas, pull out your coats, hats, and blankets, and get on the road.  

One of the kids played in an away tournament this weekend for another town's team. They offered to host her for the weekend if we could find her a ride to the tournament. Done and done. How about a little something for the effort? (People, if you can't identify that line, you shouldn't be reading this.)

What do you send as a hostess gift to someone you have never met? Ice cream toppings. Yep. Everyone loves sugar.  


Thanks awesome pinterest community for the idea.  Pick up some sprinkles, candies, nuts, hot fudge, etc., at your local grocer and throw it in a jar. Done.

And it is not lost on me that I just openly pointed out that my kid spent the weekend with total strangers. Remember, we live in the sticks. People are nice here.