catch-up: instagram inspiration and project life updates

I think it has been about a hundred years since I posted about fun finds from Instagram or Project Life updates. It has been at least a hundred years since I have actually done any work on Project Life. I am so far behind that normal people would just give up. In fact, I gave up on May and decided to just do one two-page spread for the whole month. Check out how many photos I got into this little 12x12 space.

That’s 43 photos. Dizzy yet? And no, I haven’t done any embellishing. It’s all I can do to get my photos printed. In trying to catch up, I am still keeping each week to one page rather than a double page spread. This forces me to limit my photos (with the exception of the month of May, above, which was like playing Tetris with photos).

I did, however, get a few weeks complete. March 10 through 16 was a week of not very exciting photos, but I was able to use random scraps of paper that I had laying around to coordinate with cards that I had picked up at Target.

I loved how the two collages came out: both perfect snaps of where the kids were that week, but I didn't feel like either collage was too busy.

The week of March 17 (when I last posted about Project Life) was a whirlwind. It was the week before spring break and we decided on Sunday to redo our kitchen and floors. I spent the entire week packing up the first floor of my house and preparing for vacation with five kids. It’s a wonder I took any photos.

The road trip pictures are my favorites here. They perfectly capture our motley crew in transit. I also managed to lift some pictures of my oldest daughter’s spring break with her new friends from college from her Facebook page. Winner. 

When we came home from spring break, I had over three hundred (yep, you read that right) photos. I’ve selected, edited, and printed, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. More on the spring break pages later when they are actually complete. I skipped all the way to April 14. I hope I can remember what happened in the interim.


I hope these are proof enough that you don't need outstanding photos or perfect embelishments to enjoy Project Life. You just need to get started. Or rather, I just need to get started.

Oh, and Instagram. Here are a few that you should definitely check out.

Things to do…

create a community 

paint something 

make a summer list 

sew something 

shoot something 

Things to eat…


granola bars 


Things to think about…

people who do things 

the real and the ideal 

being alive 

just words