catch-up: instagram inspiration and project life updates

I think it has been about a hundred years since I posted about fun finds from Instagram or Project Life updates. It has been at least a hundred years since I have actually done any work on Project Life. I am so far behind that normal people would just give up. In fact, I gave up on May and decided to just do one two-page spread for the whole month. Check out how many photos I got into this little 12x12 space.

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instagram inspiration

Looking for a dinner review today? Yep, not going to happen. Started the soup at 3:30 and realized by 5:30 that we were at least two hours from done. Take out.

Instead of a recipe review, let’s talk a little more about Instagram. I was talking to someone yesterday about Instagram and her impression was that Instagram is a place where people post pictures of themselves. She said she didn't get the attraction. I totally agree. I don’t follow any of those people. I do follow people that take pictures of their kids and their food and their coffee (at an alarming rate, I might add, and I'm still trying to understand why). Sometimes these pictures are just beautiful and sometimes not so much. But in between the kids and the coffee is the awesome.

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inspired by instagram

I think I have a problem. Maybe several. But let's only get into the simple ones here. The first problem is that I spend too much time on Instagram. The second is that I can’t pin things from Instagram. Is there an app for that? Someone please tell me what it is. For now, my totally inefficient solution is the screen shot. This means I end up with a bunch of screen shots every week that I put into a folder on my hard drive for later and then forget about. Very effective.

I’ve decided to start clearing my folder out and you get to see what I think is cool on Instagram. Sound good? Excellent. Let’s get started.

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