the liebster award

A couple of weeks ago, I was nominated by my friend, Asia, for the Liebster Award. Here’s the fun part. Asia and I have never actually met. We’ve been in the same room at the same time, capes seem to be a theme in our lives, and we both think that wine is the answer to our kids using crayon on our furniture. Seems to me that this is plenty enough to identify a kindred spirit.

The cool thing here is that the Liebster Award is intended to help bloggers get to know each other better. There’s a lot of talk in blog-land about “finding your tribe” and the Liebster Award is one more tool that helps connect people. It’s kind of like a chain letter or a blog hop, but with nice personal bits of information about the bloggers involved. I dig it.

If you google Liebster Award, you'll find that everyone seems to have different rules. It’s like a giant game of telephone. Since I was nominated by Asia, I’m going with her rules: list 11 random facts about yourself, answer the nominating blogger’s 11 questions, create a list of 11 more questions, and nominate new bloggers to do the same. Oh, and be sure to link back to your nominator. Here we go…

11 random facts about me

1.  I talk WAY too much.

2.  Pink really is my favorite color.

3.  I totally don’t understand anything about Facebook, and Twitter chats overwhelm me.

4.  I am not a fan of condiments or creamy foods (except ice cream). You can imagine how I feel about mayo.

5.  Disneyland makes me happy and I'm cool with that making me a dork.

6.  I’ve reread Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird more than any other book.

7.  I love it when my youngest daughter falls asleep while "reading" a book. I take a photo every single time.

8.  I have more grey cardigans than anyone needs.

9.  My favorite breakfast is pancakes with extra crispy bacon.

10.  I love Christmas. My best memories are of Christmas at my grandmother’s house with all the trimmings, loud carols, cookies, aunts, uncles, cousins, and chaos.

11.  Watching Amélie always makes me feel full and happy. So does the BBC version of Pride and Predjudice. And yes, I totally watch Downton Abbey, wear striped t-shirts, and own paper straws. I’m a stereotype.

Asia’s 11 questions and my responses

1. Name three {?} you always find the time to read and, in a nutshell, why you read them.

I am going to assume that this was a question about blogs and will now admit that I am the worst at reading blogs. I used to sit in my little kids’ room during nap and catchup but now that they don't nap, I never catch up. Am I still allowed to be a blogger after admitting that? My favorite blog is definitely Joy the Baker, followed closely by Camp Patton. I also think Brittany, Herself is hilarious and find fantastic recipes on Donuts, Dresses, and Dirt as well as Taste

2. Why did you start your blog?

I’ll admit it. I was a design blog groupie, with a Pinterest obsession bordering on the insane. I really wanted to create something, to write something, to make things beautiful, but the reality of my life was not nearly as cool as the blogs that I followed. Over dinner one night, my husband suggested that I start blogging as a way to take notes on meals we liked and organize our weekly menu. Susie Makes Supper was born and is still going almost one year later. It’s not beautiful, but it sure is fun, and we’ve tried some amazing recipes as a result.

3. What do you find the most challenging about having a blog?

Time, time, and perfectionism. I have more ideas than time and more ideas than skill. I want the blog to be as beautiful as the images in my mind’s eye but they don’t always turn out that way.

4. What do you find the most rewarding about having a blog?

I have an excuse to learn something and challenge myself every day. Plus I really have a lot to say about absolutely nothing in particular (this is no surprise to anyone who knows me) and blogging gives me an outlet to express those thoughts even if no one reads them.

5. What advice would you give a new blogger?

Go for it. Don’t wait for perfection. Improving is part of the game and you can always change things up.

6. What’s your favorite social media platform to use on a daily basis?

Ma'am. Please step away from the Instagram. All. The. Time.

7. What are you currently reading for fun?

I am a total magazine whore. Bon Appétit, House Beautiful, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Food and Wine…you name it, I read it. I really should turn my brain on more and read books. Add that to the list.

8. Who are you currently listening to on the radio, satellite, or music app?

Alternating between 50’s jukebox and Cuban radio on Pandora. Both are great for cooking.

9. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go? Why?

Italy or a white, sandy beach. Heaven.

10. What is your favorite comfort food?

This is by far the hardest question. I do love food. Cake or brownies. Or grits. Or pecan waffles from the Camellia Grill in New Orleans.

11. If a tourist came to your city/town, what are three things you’d tell them is a must do/see/eat/drink/etc during their visit?

Please do come visit. If you come during the winter, plan a day to head up to Galena Lodge for a snowshoe or Nordic ski, followed by a delicious lunch and a cold draft beer in the lodge. The absolute best way to spend a Saturday afternoon here in the winter.

My nominations

I struggled with who to nominate for this award because I’ve read that the intent is to get to know bloggers with less than a certain level of readership. To me, though, it seems like a great opportunity to get to know bloggers that I admire and would like to get to know regardless of their stats. So I’m going with that. I’d like to nominate Eden Hensley, Stacy Teet, Christen Moynihan of Broke Ass Bride (because I love her comments during #altchat on Wednesdays), Sport of Meanest Look (for the same reason), Tricia and Erin of Suburban Bitches, Sheri Silver (who you should all be following already anyway), and Amanda Bowles. Here are my questions for you:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world other than where you live now, where would it be and why?

2. What keeps you blogging when things get stressful?

3. Is quality of content or consistently publishing more important in blogging?

4. Who is your favorite (blogging) photographer? Instagramer?

5. What do you listen to when you exercise?

6. What is one of your short-term goals? Long-term?

7. Who is your favorite heroine?

8. If you could meet/interview/stalk any blogger, who would it be?

9. How do you “turn off”?

10. Finish this sentence: Balance is….

11. What is your favorite thing to do for yourself?

Don’t forget to nominate your own bloggers. Can’t wait to see your responses!