the liebster award

A couple of weeks ago, I was nominated by my friend, Asia, for the Liebster Award. Here’s the fun part. Asia and I have never actually met. We’ve been in the same room at the same time, capes seem to be a theme in our lives, and we both think that wine is the answer to our kids using crayon on our furniture. Seems to me that this is plenty enough to identify a kindred spirit.

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the review: dinner at paris

First thing first. I love Red Stamp. If you haven’t tried their app, you should. Today. In fact, Valentine’s Day is coming. I challenge you to send your special someone (or someones) a Valentine every day for the next few weeks. It is super easy. And really cute. And you can email or Instagram or text your cards. Or Red Stamp will mail them for you. Really. I might have to throw a valentine making party when I get back just so that I can send out invitations. Ok, if you know me at all, you know I don’t actually need an excuse to send out invitations.

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off topic: altitude summit

One week from today, I will be attending a conference for bloggers called Altitude Summit (“ALT”, for short). There are apparently a lot of conferences for bloggers. It makes sense, right? Everyone has their own little piece of the internet so there would be an entire industry dedicated to helping every type of blogger cultivate his or her own virtual lot.

This particular blogging conference focuses on design. Interior design, paper design, graphic design, DIY, photography, fashion. Pretty much all things visual. It attracts people who can talk for hours about type selection or color. The kind of people who totally light my fire. There are some pretty amazing people scheduled to speak. I mean, Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp? Come on. I get that I am a total dork, but I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

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