the review: white bean soup

Just kidding. I still haven’t made the soup. But I did work on my homework for a tabletop photography class that I am taking through This week’s homework was to shoot a magazine cover based on your favorite magazine and an ad for Kate Spade. Harder than I thought to capture the color and almost impossible to find anything in my house that remotely looks like Kate Spade. I only wish.

kate spade glassware.jpg

In the end, I decided to go with glassware. Not very Kate Spade. Oh well. The good news is that one of my kids told me that my photographs are getting so much better. He might be my favorite kid now. Clearly, Christmas is coming.

I had a really good time with the magazine cover. One of my favorite magazines is Sweet Paul. The photos and recipes are absolutely amazing. I am inspired every time I pick it up.


I used Illustrator (another Nicole's Classes experience - thanks, Alma!) to add my mock title. Apologies for the amateur copy of your magazine, Sweet Paul. It is out of great artistic resect that I attempted to make a cover like yours for this assignment. I would love love to go to Sweet Paul’s Makerie in New York next March. Anyone want to send me? 


Oh, and these cookies? Yep, they are amazing. Chocolate crackle cookies from the old Williams-Sonoma Kids Baking cookbook. This book is worth the $5 that Barnes & Noble is charging. It is my go-to for banana bread, oatmeal cookies, and these chocolate crackle cookies. You can also try Martha Stewart's chocolate crackle cookies. They are a little more high maintenance, but delicious.