let’s talk about rugs (or one room challenge week 3)

Welcome back to week three of Linda from Calling It Home's One Room ChallengeLast week, we destroyed the silly shelving in the pantry/laundry/sun room/closet to the back of our new house and looked at some inspiration for making this odd after-thought addition into a working family room. In this episode, we will explore every floor covering ever. Not really. But the amount of time I’ve spent on the internet and in my car over the last week searching for the perfect rug borders on the insane.

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Well, hello there, stranger! It's been so long since we've chatted you almost forgot that I was here!

Yep, that's life in the big family. 

Today in Lagniappe, I'm going to redirect you over to the Menu Archive (newly rechristened, you'll note), where we will be discussing the plan of attack for 2015. It's ok. It is partially food related, but not entirely. Here's a hint. I've picked a word for the year and it is a good one. Go on over and check it out. I promise that I'll be seeing you back in this section shortly.