One Room Challenge: Nicky's Hygge Bedroom (week 3)

Welcome to week three of Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge. If you are new here or just joining the challenge, click back to last week for a quick explanation of where we are headed.

Image credits (clockwise from top left):  feathers ,  balloons ,  fur ,  gold ,  knit ,  sparkle ,  hearts ,  cozy ,  blush .

Image credits (clockwise from top left): feathers, balloons, fur, gold, knit, sparkle, hearts, cozy, blush.

It just hit me as I typed the title of this post that the One Room Challenge is at its halfway point this week. Holy moly. It is time to get cracking!

Last week, you were introduced to Nicky, her mom, Deb, and the type of look Nicky wanted for her bedroom: soft, textured, neutral with bits of blush and gold. But Nicky is a only 13, so the room also needs to be a little fun and youthful. Our visual discussion via Pinterest (remember, we are working on this project states away!) led to the discovery a few other things that are important to Nicky, namely hanging lights, a little glam, and lots of pillows.

Nicky already has a desk and bookshelf that she likes, but she typically hangs out on her bed when she’s in her room. Her favorite pins featured beds in corners piled high with pillows. While I couldn’t get Nicky’s bed to make sense in a corner (the headboard would have awkwardly blocked the window in the only corner in which it would fit and Deb wasn't quite ready to lose one Nicky's cute bedside tables), I could work on creating a cozy corner for Nicky outside of her bed. Nicky’s mom had purchased some pillows and a cover for pillow mattresses prior to signing up for this challenge and was hoping to reuse those pillows in some way. We began playing with the floor plan of the room and playing with ideas for the pillows Nicky already had in her bedroom.

I came up with several floor plan options, each including Nicky’s full wish list. Nicky’s mom did a ton of legwork this past week. She moved furniture here and there to get a feel for the space, finally coming up with a furniture arrangement that she and Nicky both loved.


Unfortunately, the room just wasn’t big enough to handle the size of the existing pillows mattress or the large marquee mirror that Nicky loved (more on that later). We did come up with a few alternatives for reusing the foam pillows (seen above in the turquoise dot covers) and creating a cozy corner for Nicky.

Now the search for rugs begins in earnest because we need to get that puppy ordered ASAP. A few possibilities?

Nicky does have a cat so we need a rug that will stand up to teen and animal wear. One of the challenges to designing with and for kids is that they want to love every piece individually. Sometimes, a room needs a foundation piece (or four) that doesn’t stand out, but instead pulls the look together. I’m loving this marled grey rug by Dash and Albert as a great foundation piece for under Nicky’s bed. We’ll be looking at both rugs and new duvet covers over this next week to see if we can create the perfect canvas for Nicky’s soft, light, textured pillows. 

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