master bath tile (modern southern bungalow week 12)

I'm pretty sure Gaudí designed Park Güell because he loved all the tile and all the colors and couldn't decide which to use. Ok, perhaps there was a greater cause in that particular instance, but I'm just saying that if it was as simple as loving all the tile, I may be up for a new art project.

Tile decisions are no joke, y'all. For one thing, tile is not cheap. I mean, it can be. White subway tile definitely has price point and longevity going for it. But what if you are ready for something different? There is no shortage of amazing master bathrooms on Pinterest. You can live in those images for years without seeing the same bath twice. But there is a pattern. You'll find yourself falling into a category sooner or later and come up with your own idea of bath perfection. 

And then you will talk to your spouse, who will tell you that he has very particular ideas about what kind of bath he wants, and it isn't what you are proposing. 

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