the review: a week out of the kitchen

In case you haven't checked out my lagniappe section, I'm taking the week off of reviewing recipes this week. In fact, I'm taking the week off of cooking. Let's be real here. I'm still cooking. Gus has insisted that we make chicken potpies tonight. And I'm currently roasting beets from the garden for our salad. But we have had pizza. We've also had a simple gnocchi with pan fried fish, a picnic at an outdoor concert, and a pretty good chop salad with bbq chicken. I've made raspberry bars for the freezer, burnt a batch of granola, and we had lovely French Toast for breakfast on Tuesday. We aren't starving over here. 

Instead of writing reviews, I'm getting caught up on project life, watching swimming lessons, hanging with my ballerina, and running with my buddy. It's pretty good. 

the whole food debate (or trying to get my kids to eat more better)

If you are following along at all, you will know by now that we just spent two weeks traveling with five of our kids. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I spend a bit of time with my kids as it is, but not like this. No individual sports, no lessons, no school, no movies with friends, no work, no volunteering. All family time of some sort. Not all family together all the time, but family time in twos or threes or sevens all the same.

Let me just say first that my kids are pretty darn cool. I can roll my eyes and make jokes about them, but they truly are fantastic kids. And the vacation was an experience that I won’t forget. It was amazing to spend time with each of the kids in a way that my husband and I never get to do. But enough with the pleasantries. My kids eat junk. All the time.

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